Parkour and Powder

Ben Franke is a New York-based photographer who has been shooting members of the New York Parkour community since 2008.  Intrigued by the idea of capturing movement in a still photograph, Franke came up with an idea for a shoot that could really show the movements of traceurs in a single snapshot.

 “Since photography is a 2D medium, its a challenge to really convey the movement that you see when they are actually jumping around,” Franke says.  “I had seen the concept of using flour to photograph dancers, and I thought it would translate well to Parkour.”

 It’s fair to say that the concept did translate to parkour very well indeed.  The resulting photographs, created simply by covering traceurs with flour and then snapping some carefully-lit photos at night, are stunning.  An interesting concept realized into an amazing collection of photographs.

 Please visit Ben Franke’s website to see some more of his excellent work.


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