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Tempest Pro Takeover

 Today marks the final day of the Team Tempest “Pro Takeover”- a week-long event full of open gym, workshops, and jams featuring some of the world’s top traceurs and freerunners.  In attendance were members of The Tribe, 3RUN, Team Farang, Storror, Air Whipp, Tranquil Movement, and many other groups across the globe.  The event took place in LA, held mostly at the Tempest Freerunning Academy on 19821 Nordhoff Pl #115, Los Angeles.

 While we don’t have much information about the details of how the jam went yet, I’m sure that our friends at Tempest Freerunning, along with all the other amazing teams and groups that were at the event, will be coming out with plenty of videos and pictures for us to enjoy.  The Tempest Facebook Page already has plenty of pictures up, and we have seen one fun Harlem Shake video featuring many familiar faces.

Perhaps most exciting of all, today at 4:00PM, Tempest will have a LIVE FEED showing footage from the event, including interviews with some of your favorite athletes.  Come back today at 4:00 and check out the embedded video below to see the live event!


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