Get Connected

NYParkour would be nothing without the Community we serve and love.  Whether you’re a traveller looking for other local traceurs, a beginner looking for your first training partners, or a regular who just wants to train, these forums below will help you get started.


Discord - NYPK server

Join our discord to communicate with the parkour community, find sessions near you, share art, get featured, and more! Use the following link:



Jams - Open Forum

The perfect place to find current community members, training sessions, and to post if you're visiting.



The Barbarian Sessions

Barbarian is our Weekly Saturday session for the brave of heart and those that hunger for a challenge. It’s open to beginners as well as experienced practitioners and you can keep up with the sessions here:



NYParkour Archive Forums

The Original Forums that started it all and paved the way for the community that is present today. There is plenty of knowledge about the art and its history that can be found by perusing the archives so we’ve included them here. By the way, they’re still active so you can add on if you’d like!

             (Archives are currently being fixed)