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Alpha Warrior Obstacle Courses

Obstacle course developer Alpha Warrior promises an array of fun and challenging obstacles for virtually anyone who enjoys movement.  Unlike other obstacle courses such as “Tough Mudder,” Alpha Warrior directs all of its focus towards the obstacles and keeps true to the name “obstacle course” by foregoing any unobstructed running… because normal running is just too boring.

 The obstacles range from precision jumping different level platforms up to 30 feet up in the air (that’s tree top height), to leaping over or onto platforms from trampolines.  The obstacles leave a great amount of room for creativity and more challenging routes. They are sure to test everything from balance and muscle endurance to speed and precision.

 Another interesting aspect of Alpha Warrior is that they do not cater specifically to races or competitions.  Their obstacles can be completed simply for the virtuous satisfaction of finishing an adrenalin-pumping course, or can be utilized as a team-building exercise when done together in a group.  This isn’t to say that there aren’t any competitions, however.  Elite teams of four can compete in the Alpha Wars- a perfect opportunity for traceurs and traceuses, I’d say.

 Whether you’re out for the competition or just for the fun, Alpha Warrior is definitely worth checking out for any parkour athletes and practitioners of movement.

Written by Zach Maller


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