About NYParkour

New York Parkour is the home of parkour in the New York metropolitan area.  Our goal is to guide practitioners towards their own path, and help them discover and respect the art as we do.  In addition, we act as an information conduit between both local practitioners and the international parkour scene, sharing information, events, pictures, and videos with the community.

Our Values

What makes us tick


New York Parkour is committed to fostering and maintaining an open and safe environment for current and future practitioners of Parkour, Art du deplacemont, and freerunning to come together and train.


Members of New York Parkour aim to always portray parkour and freerunning in a positive light by being helpful, informative, and setting an example of safe and responsible training.


Our number one service commitment is to the New York Parkour community; To continue to guide and inform practitioners of the art and help them along their training paths.

Our reputation as a trusted source for all information pertaining to Parkour in the tri-state area is one of our most valuable assets, and we aim to not only build that trust but to exceed its expectations. Our products and services are made to unite the local parkour community and give individuals a collective voice while at the same time respecting their varying affiliations. Ours is a community of non- judgement, nonviolence, and above of all respect.  Whether a person uses parkour to gain strength and inner peace, or to simply jump around with friends, our community will remain open to them.  If our users feel something could be better, we encourage them to let us know how. We aim to continually improve our products and services, but acknowledge that it does take all of us, and we highly value the input of our fellow community members.


Our growing team

Exo, Editorial Director

Jeff R., Deputy Editor
Darnell R., Director of Social Media
Abdul M., Staff Writer

Thomas D., Contributor
Vertical, Contributor

Falco, Accounts Manager
Rashaad G., Accounts Manager