Cirque du Soleil adds some Parkour

As well as other elements to it's new show VOLTA.  The Show opens in Canada this month and will run till August 27th. More info on it below;

Cirque de Soleil’s latest big-top show, VOLTA, rolls into Gatineau later this week.

It will feature acts not typically seen in the circus — things like figure skating, trial bike riding and even an aerial show on a ladder.

The show is meant to tell the story of blazing your own trail.

“I think it’s very human and people can relate to this,” Angela Kim, a ladder performer, said.

“It’s very different from any other Cirque show. We’re not creatures on stage, we’re real people trying to emote, express real feelings.”

Gatineau is the show’s first stop outside its home in Montreal, and the show will be quite interactive. Kim said at times the ladders will rotate directly above the audiences.

“People in the first section, just have to look up and we’re right above them.”

According to VOLTA’s promotional material, the show was inspired by the adventurous spirit that fuels the culture of action sports.

The show revolves around WAZ, a game show host who as lost touch with himself in the pursuit of fame, as he encounters SPIRITS and remembers his childhood dreams and ambitions.

Trial bike rider Trevor Bodogh performs on a special seatless bike that he says is optimal for “bouncing” around the stage. His act includes tricks on a raised platform.

He plays one of the FREE SPIRITS.

“Trial bike fits into that because you can ride your bike on anything as a trial bike rider,” he said. “If there’s a curb, or a wall, or a log or a car, you can ride over… It’s the way I express myself.”

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