Fitness Tips from a Former Army Ranger

How this ex-combat surgeon, ship’s doctor, fourteener hiker, and aspiring ninja stays strong

Jedidiah Ballard is now an ER doctor, a former Army Ranger, and battalion surgeons. Except a nine-to-five job doesn't operate. Rather, Ballard flies back-to-back as a visiting physician for a week around the nation. That way, he can go out and work on his own timetable (next up: American Ninja Warrior when he's back home in Boulder, Colorado). "I'm a big hiking fan, and in Boulder, everything is right there, whether it's a daily walk or a fourteen."
Ballard is also a skilled surfer, climber, and outdoor enthusiast. And he's large to return. In the years since he became an operative of the battalion in Afghanistan and along the Korean DMZ on four continents he has undertaken humanitarian job: teaching English in Cambodia; teaching children with HIV to swim in South Africa; coaching carers to use ultrasonic medical devices in Peru. Ballard always allows time for self-care between his vibrant job and his volunteer schedules.
How Ballard Stays Strong
Quit Your Day Job: “When you pick up the job, you give up stability like me, "said Ballard." But that is gaining your liberty. I took a job in the Antarctic last year as a ship physician on a Chinese tourist ship. There are such opportunities out there.”
Take It Outside: But only if Ballard has to train indoors. "I love to run sprints on wooden paths and make boards in the local parks." The sprints and the boards, accompanied by 10 burpees, are part of another total body exercise for Ballard. He's going to do pull-ups on the branch of a tree. "You're gassed at the end of 10-12 minutes. It's a smoking exercise."
Yesterday’s Chores Can Be Tomorrow’s Workouts: Do you always push up a broken-down car with your friends? For conditioning, Ballard does that. It also loads up with weight and upwards heads the old rucksack.
Get Your Protein In: "As the name suggests, supplements are intended as part of a healthy diet to maximize your health and nutrition," says Ballard. He depends on ISOPURE INFUSIONSTM, a distinctive protein soak in which it looks, tastes, or bogs you down like a heavy milkshake when pinched for a moment or searching for a fast-recovery beverage. "Without cooking new food, it can be difficult to discover such a good clean protein."
Take the Time to Give Back: Ballard builds power in another aspect of his career which is as crucial as fitness in his volunteer work on issues where he can create an effect. "I was impoverished growing up. One year in a barn our family resided. But I was able to jump on several socio-economic lines in my life because I grew up in America. In the rest of the world, there are many smart children who never have that chance."

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