Top 5 Parkour Spots in the United States of America

This was a list of ambassadors Raul Piscoya and Keith Mylett of the United States of America Parkour. It is not comprehensive and is meant to be a living document.

5. Central Park – New York, NY

Most people are evoking Times Square when they talk of NYC, but the urban forest of New York is also a dangerous escape. Central Park is a vast wilderness that blends urban and natural obstacles. Whether you jump over a creek or use the park's calisthenic equipment on Heckscher Playground with its concrete bridges, rails, and natural rock formations, the Bethesda fountain is an excellent opportunity to mix people and natural elements.

4. University of Colorado – Boulder, CO

This is where you can go if you want to develop in Boulder. This is the location. Enormous and open views of Flagstaff Mountain can invigorate you to go big in this wild, urban park environment. This immense campus is filled with cat leaps and walls, concrete staircases, climbing the ancient rocks of the castle that surround the campus buildings.

3. Downtown San Antonio – San Antonio, TX

Some communities have wooden playgrounds. Still, only San Antonio has impressive steel bridges, several wooden playgrounds downtown–so this community is great to get your inner self out and let your playfulness run free. San Antonio often looks like the West–large obstacles large playgrounds, huge old ramps for people with disabilities, and lots of open room to accommodate a thriving parkour community.

2. U.C. Berkeley – Berkeley, CA

In order to create a position of learning where mutual respect and empathy occur, the group here has established a reputation for local security and compliance. This large campus offers days without boredom or repetition. Fascinating walls, impressive architecture, and an innovative, polished atmosphere all add to a place of selection for learning, leaping, and running. Fun quidditch games, slacklining, meditation, and zombie wars can only motivate you to try new things and be more adventurous, whatever other experiences you can encounter. Get an application for the learning in this setting, and homes would certainly move for them.

1. Freeway Park – Seattle, Washington

Vertical ledges runs never ended, and endless options make this spot a must for every tracer. The park's layout has been designed to promote interactive exploration. Everyone will be traveling to leap, ascend, and drive onto the grey, gray concrete that is ideal for Seattle's notorious rainy environment, irrespective of the context of Parkour.

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