Stay fit this winter

Here's three activities to keep you warm and in shape through the winter months. Unless you're brave enough to face the cold, try these indoor movements to stay fit and maybe even get some new skills.

Rock Climbing
Looking to work on your upper body? What better way than scaling some indoor rock walls? Not only will you be strengthening your grip for climbing and cats, you'll also be staying warm. A few local gyms have opened up like Brooklyn Boulders and for a fee you can get your bouldering game up.

Yoga has become increasingly popular among traceurs and for good reason. Yoga improves flexibility and balance, two key components to parkour. It also can help relieve stress and is generally good for the body. The best part of course is that most classes are held inside.

Indoor Parkour Gyms
Now there is some controversy about indoor versus outdoor training but when it drops below freezing, indoor training is better than no training at all. New spaces are opening up for traceurs to train in gyms, including parkour friendly facilities like The Gym Park, Chelsea Piers, and BKLYN Beast to name a few. On top of still being able to train you also get the chance to try those big moves that you may feel a little skeptical about doing outside.

So grab a friend and get ready to train. By the time spring rolls around, you'll be ready with a new set of skills. NYPK's classes will be moving indoors eventually too so make sure to stay tuned for updates. These are just a few ideas of many of how to keep you busy and out of the cold. If you have your own ideas for how to stay fit this winter comment below.

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