Parkour Central Arives

There's a new group on the block in our local scene and they're making sure you know their name. Parkour Central is making their presence felt via their eye catching photos and most recent video, and locals have begun to take notice. But who or what is Parkour Central, and what is their goal? I took the opportunity to reach out the the organization recently for a public statement that would shed some light on these and other questions and they generously replied with the following statement;

"Parkour Central is an organization designed to accentuate hard working traceurs. Our goal is to find talented individuals who dedicate much of their time to progressing themselves and becoming the best they can be through the creative outlet of Parkour. We believe that if you surround yourself with people with common goals, you all help each other achieve these goals much more quickly. Founders Christian Maldonado and Christopher Kwasnik personally film, photograph, and edit all the media for Parkour Central. Parkour Central is working on expanding its reach outside of the Parkour community to promote newcomers to also engage in the, many say, life changing experience of Parkour. Parkour Central works along side Don Balladin, custom clothing designer and CEO of Swagstar Nation, and is also working with a sponsor, Start Young, on an up and coming clothing line. We hope to see you all out and training at all up coming event, we also hope to work with many of you! Our goal is to benefit the Parkour community in ways that have not been done before. Much love to all of our supporter, the support has been great. Train hard and train safe.

By Parkour Central"

And there you have it, we look forward to whats to come from this new group and wish them the best, as we at NYParkour love to see traceurs making the most of their talents.

For more info check out there Facebook page

And don't forget to take a look at their latest video bellow featuring, Joshua Gonzalez, Ismael Oquendo, NYPK athletes Reese Sanchez & Rashad Gomez, Allie Fonso Cataldi, Aaron Espinoza, and NYPK Teaching Intern Tigger


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