Travis Meets "Carrie"

DC Traceur Travis Graves got the chance to freak out some New York City local at 'sNice Cafe in the West Village earlier this year, and it was all caught on film. But he didn't do it the way you'd think he would, no, there was no Parkour involved but that didn't stop this clip from being highly entertaining to watch and worthy of mention.
              In this Clip Travis is the victim of actress Andrea Morales's "Carrie like rage," with the help of a little move magic.The short shows Travis being slammed against a wall and thrown to the floor among other things and onlookers are completely shocked as to whats happening before their eyes, its pretty cool, as long as your in on the joke.
To watch the video see bellow,

and for more info on it's creation, here's the link to Yahoo's write up of the project.


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