Mathieu Larose-Sabourin presents a stunning montage with an interesting take on his philosophy of the movement. Due to an injury suffered a little over a year ago, Mathieu has rethought his approach to parkour and has bettered himself as a practitioner. In the description of one of his most recent videos, Mathieu explains that the accident forced him to really examine moves before he tries them and to not to be influenced by others. He also goes on to say that this new mindset has allowed him to expand on his creativity in the art form and achieve things that he could not before the injury. If the video below isn't proof enough of his growth then read the short excerpt below from Mathieu himself.


"My training last year was all about bringing big moves outside the gym. I was very confident with all of them... or almost all. The thing is that you have to be fully prepared physically but even more mentally. You have to be able to see yourself succeed the movement before you do it. You have to give yourself time to think about everything that could happen. You have to thrust YOUR judgement because you are THE ONLY ONE to know if you are ready. Don't let others come into your head and distract your thoughts. Don't let yourself be influenced by someone else thoughts about YOUR actions. The day I tried to roll bombed off that school was Sunday October 7th 2012 and I will always remember that day. Because it was the first day I bypassed all these rules. It was the first day that I've let others into my head and I'm the only one to blame. It was the last day that I forget to think about everything that could've happened. It was my last day of unsure actions. After this moment, I was hurt both physically and mentally. After one year, the physical pain is almost all gone (I crushed an intervertebral disc of the cervical vertebrae). After several years, I will always have mental pain. I will always regret. But the thing is that life is a lot about learning from your mistakes. That single mistake was my biggest learning.

In 6 years of parkour, my goal was to do bigger moves one year after the other. My goal was to monkey gainer like Ilabaca and double back like Erik. But after this bumb landing, I stopped thinking that way. I saw a side of parkour that was always right beside me but that I never pushed; a more creative side. It's a thing to do like others but it's a so much better thing to do your own creations. So this video represents that transition. My transition from a parkour approach A to a parkour approach B. This video is My Parkourception."
Mathieu Larose-Sabourin

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