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Mr. Movement Speaks

Ido Portal is a perpetual student of movement, and an elder statesmen of sorts to those of us who look outside of the Parkour community for influence.  While he isn’t a practitioner of parkour per say, Ido has researched gymnastics, boxing, dance, rock climbing, capoeira, yoga, various martial arts, and may other forms of physical movement.

Drawing upon these various practices, Ido has formulated his own approach to teaching movement and the development of various physical capacities, including how the body should be moved, what should it be fed, and why this kind of movement is so essential.

The video below shows Ido demonstrating some of his incredible strength and fitness as he shares his inspiring thoughts and philosophies on human movement.  While it isn’t a “parkour video,” any traceur, traceuse, or athlete of any kind should be able to appreciate his wise words.  Take a look- it’ll be worth your time.

Written by Joseph Best


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