Chaos Faktory Helps Spread Parkour

 India's third largest city, Bangalore (the capital of the state of Karnataka), can now add parkour to its list of recreational activities.  Chaos Faktory, an upcoming team that also focuses on mixed martial arts, gymnastics, and dance, recently held Bangalore's first ever Parkour Jam in Koramangala, and was met with great success.

 The estimated attendance was around 50 people for this inaugural jam, which started at 8:30am and went till 12:30pm. Parkour has been getting quite a bit of exposure in India through Bollywood stars appropriating it not only in their films, but their daily lives as well.  In 2009, Bollywood Superstar Akshay Kumar loved the art so much that he hired the German company Camp-Ramps to turn his three story apartment in Mumbai into a veritable PK haven.  This year, Bollywood star and model Sayali Bhagat announced that she was training parkour.  It's great to see so many traceurs in India emerging and discovering the discipline.

 And, in true Parkour fashion, the more established Chennai Parkour Team took the 5 + hour journey out to Bangalore to support and help out the event.  In the end, Chaos Faktory was very pleased with the response and announced their plan to organize more events in the Bangalore area to help spread the word and share the knowledge. 

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