PKSpotter App Unveils Training Spots

 A group of traceurs and app designers have just come out with a new application, available for Android and iOS, that will help traceurs mark down and discover new spots when they train.  PKSpotter allows users to take a picture or video of a spot, then write down notes including types of challenges, movements, and surfaces, and then mark down the spot on a map.  Any other user can then see this spot and the pictures, videos, and information posted with it. 

 If you’ve ever travelled to another city and wished you knew where to go train, an app like this could help point you in the right direction.  The catch- people need to be using it in order for it to work!  Like any information database, PKSpotter needs users to start marking down spots in order to provide a useful and effective service.

 Currently, the app is available for $1.99, although a Lite version is being considered that will give users the basic functions for free.  PKSpotter is currently partnered with parkour teams and organizations such as Air Whipp, APK, Tempest Freerunning, Storm Freerunning, Krapp, and yes, yours truly NYParkour.  We hope that through these organizations, and with the help of traceurs like you, we can turn this app into an important resource for traceurs around the globe.

 Don’t forget to check out the PKSPotter website and Facebook page for more information!      



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