2 PK Supertramp Video's

Devin is one of my favorite YouTube Videographers out there! I'm continuously inspired by the trajectory of his budding career and quality of output.  These next 2 video's only add to that.

The first, Mirrors Edge in REAL LIFE  features the parkour and stunt fighting talent of Salt Lake team CBR's Chris Romrell, as well as Joey Wells from Melbourne Australia's Owl Gang Parliment on the go pro shots, and Fairfield Australia's Team 9Lives as the "Bad guys." 

The shots are pretty cool, and Sydney looks amazing in 60 fps.


The second, "Parkour, Cops, and Donuts" was released back in 2013, but is pretty funny. Despite the fact that it doesn't make sense, and the leads should have been caught withing the first 20 seconds: if you overlook that, it's one of Devin's funniest parkour videos. Plus, they got to shoot on Universals backlot, which is cool and totally worth revisiting.

The parkour and freerunning crew in this one was lead by Salt lake traceur Dboy Bardole.



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