Seeking Balance in your workouts.

Fitness professional Ryan Richards published an article recently that does a great job of outlining the impact of modern shoes on the body, and its link to overuse injury's. He then goes on to give tips on better ways to reach balance in your workouts, & while we like what he had to say about Pull ups, deadlifts can get you into serious trouble if your inexperienced with the movement. You don't need weights to squat properly, and for the purpose's of the emerging &/or growing traceur, effective squatting is still king. check out the excerpt below.

Fitness qualities are measurable. For example, quantifying the time required to run a mile is a precise assessment of running capability, at least as far as running this specific distance is concerned.

The challenge is that too often — based on misinformation, or because we embrace our own biases — we end up pursuing the wrong qualities yielding a poor outcome; chasing unnecessary fitness qualities is detrimental at best.

Gray Cook said "The modern running shoe allows us to ignore a sensory perspective of running that is only second to vision, and, as you know, the increase in running-related injuries paralleled running shoe development. When running barefoot, over-striding and heel striking is not an option—it produces jarring, discomfort and pain because it is not authentic. Is it not a bit peculiar that the quick twinges of pain refine the barefoot runner's stride to help avoid running injuries, while the comfort of the modern running shoe later exchanged those friendly twinges for debilitating pain."

 You can't cheat while running barefoot. The nature of running barefoot forces you to maintain proper alignment, speed control, and mechanical expertise or you can hurt yourself.


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