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Meeting The New Editor

Exo, the CEO and Founder of NYPK,  NYParkour's parent company, has now officially taken on the responsibilities of Editor in Chief of With NYParkour having been one of the first online community hubs for parkour, Exo wants to take it up another level. Along with sharing a short part of his long career as a parkour athlete he also talks about his aspirations for the new upcoming site design.

NYParkour shares vastly different articles on all topics of sport and videos of the achievements of athletes around the world. Who better than the very own founder of NYParkour to usher it into it's new era.

With more than ten years under his belt since the emergence of the parkour community and even beforehand, Exo had been working first to build a community with many others. Now he is proud of how far along the community has come nationwide, having been nonexistent over ten years ago. Through many forum bases, outreach, constant training, and social media, the parkour community has reached its birth into the world and taken a lot of unexpected turns.

When asked of his aspirations as a parkour athlete he expressed “My aspirations are to leave a parkour legacy behind...” and to make it a thousand times better than the expressed sense of not having had a community before. He favors the “valuable learning experience in terms of motivating people, creating action, and making things where there was nothing.”

And when asked how parkour changed his life he responded with a humorous glow of how it was an “upheaval” to his life. In this case he didn’t mean it was for the worst, but that it was a dramatic change for the good. He stated that “…even the ways that I thought were for the worst, now I see weren’t really for the worst ways, [and] are ending up being for the best, but you have to come out on the other end to realize that.”

As for the site, he spoke of “retiring the old site” by adding a new  site design along with a new logo and much more. His aspirations for the site as a whole is to make it more of an online magazine, a top resource for topics and subjects that concern the parkour community that just aren't being addressed anywhere else.

But not all the old will go. Exo promises the return  of the old forums can will be found on the website be clicking the “Forums” page. In these forums, the conversation bases can be reopened or read to the earliest messages as stated by Exo. He wants the website to feel like “more than just a hub now. ”  "Facebook took over for a while, and it was convenient so people went with it, but facebook's not cutting it anymore as a primary means of communication on things beyond pop culture for us. there's entire lifestyle to PK and FR now that is being underserved by not having its own distinct platform, and I aim to give it a voice."

New opportunities that will arise with the new chain of command will be new offers that may consider hiring people of the community and college students for jobs that are required. Along with other employment opportunities, because of the new logo design, new merchandise with be coming soon in correlation with the new logo design in the form of simple tees as a start off.

And as stated by Exo, the events to look forward to are new academies that correlate with the child and teen age range to look forward to. There is also the possible change in academy directory in order to help aid the creation of more classes coming soon.

So look out everyone, Small changes are due to start as of  Tuesday, August 2nd 2016, with the new site launching sometime before October 2016.


By: Jeffrey


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