Train Your Dog to Move Like Tre T

For those who weren't around in 2009, Tre T was the talented Ukrainian canine that busted onto the scene with  a well put together video showcasing his impressive PK skills. We haven't heard or seen much of Tre T since then, but his owner Eugene Elchaninov developed his own method of PK Dog training. Dubbing it the Tre T style of training, he's listed his services on the site for those interested in turning their favorite four-legged companion into the newest internet sensation. The site is offering his unique training for $30 for over 2 hours of instruction, plus a 30-day money back guarantee, and that's not bad if you ask us.

So if you or one of your friends desires to turn your dog into a parkour badass, or you're thinking of being the PK dog whisperer, this might be a good course to invest in. If you do let us know, we'd love to see the results.

You can find Elchaniov's Course HERE 

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