Bollywood's Longest Parkour Scene?

Newcomer, Tiger Shroff, is currently making headlines over in India about his upcoming film Heropanti. In it, the martial artist and gymnast shows off a wide array of skills defeating his opponents. But the thing that has got people abuzz is his 6 minute and 30 second parkour sequence in the film. This has made it possibly the longest one ever shot in a Bollywood production. By comparison, Belle's iconic B13 scene was only 3 minutes, and Foucans Casino Royal entry clocked in at 5:09, (from gate to the embassy), making Shroffs contribution longer then both of his more well known predecessors.

Shroff trained for 3 months for the scene that was shot from multiple angles and I for one am excited to see the results. I'm sure we'll be able to get a subtitled copy in the coming months. The film comes out May 23rd in India and the trailer is linked below.


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