How to create great Parkour videos

One of the best things about training is to show your progress through videos to others. It is easy to share your movement online for many people with social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Having said this, I received a couple of emails asking me what to do to create a visual fun video. Not just that, but the budget is cheap. We don't all have the money, but we can't create a video that shows our progress when it is refreshing to look at, so we have the best camera, lenses, drones, etc.

I’m here to give you three steps you can do to make your videos fire!

1. Flow lines VS One-liners

Just jump, cut, and create a video with several simple jumping movements are natural. But what's the fun of it? You have a chance in a video to connect several different movements in a row. The video then is becoming more and more pleasing to the eye I've got a golden rule that 70% flow lines and 30% one line movements should have. Follow this rule for yourself and watch your parkour videos improve for tons.

As for movements of one-liner type such as one precision or a simple jump, it's just the best stuff. It is essential to take the public and showcase your talents positively, as this is the only thing you can do for this clip.

2. Angles

It's so easy to cast in a flat, fixed angle, but what can this visually offer? While recording yourself by changing camera positions or movement, I can not begin to express the value of being imaginative. Having a friend that is willing to shoot helps to make a big difference. He/she should switch the lens while you're moving around to flexible the watching. If you have a tripod, though, you can do this to establish a simple translation via the videos by setting different angles via the board.

3. Don’t be afraid to express your style

You're able to make your clips because you're free to be yourself in the end. Don't try to force yourself not to be yours. It isn't worth it also to throw yourself jumps and flips that are not prepared for just more views. You can make a great sampler or showroom that fits your skills. No one would like to see a person performing clearly from the comfort zone. All of the content should be precise and well-formed. We want to see that!

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