The Parkour Diet

Traceurs are fit. They have to be, for all the hoops they jump (literally) – the speed, finesse, and agility doesn't come from a McDonald's diet (I know, I’m heartbroken too). To improve their performance traceurs train, condition, and practice practice practice. So if they aren't eating junk food what are they eating? Here's a super quick guide to healthy nutrition if you're training as a traceur:

  1. Protein.
    Eat your protein folks, it isn't hard as most food contain some amount of it. You can get your protein from nuts and seeds, pulses – and if you're a meat-eater eat some: lean beef, chicken, turkey, and oily fish. Eggs and some dairy products like, milk, cheese and yogurt are a good source of protein too. Sunnyside up with some wheat toast for me please.
  2. Carbohydrates
    Carbs are the main fuel source used by the body to replenish adenosine triphosphate (ATP) stores during moderate to intense activities. And why is ATP important? Because it's the molecule that provides energy to cells for almost all processes that need energy. Carbs are a savior if you can't cook (like me). You can get your carbs from grains/oats/cereal, potatoes/yams, fresh veggies and fruit. 
  3. Fats
    No, we're not talking about chocolate cake, although I wish we were. Fats have a lot of energy and you can get them: fish oil capsules, oily fish such as kippers, sardines, and mackerel etc. You can also from nuts and some dairy produce, again, this doesn't include cake #sorry. 


P.S.  A big shout out to our readers in Israel, Malaysia, and Algeria. We know you're reading and we appreciate it!

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