Parkour Conditioning At Home

Yes it's cold outside, no you can't stop training. Parkour is life and we show you how you can still stay fit indoors when all you want to do is cuddle your cat and cry until spring comes back. The beauty of parkour is that literally, the world is your playground. That means you can do swanky hops up and down your stairs or juggle your 5 parakeets while doing sit ups. The world is your playground and this is how you play:

Press-Ups: This is a workout that trains both the triceps and the pectoral. Press-ups are perfect as both a warm-up and strength building routine.

Feet Up Press-ups: This upper-body exercise works the biceps. Do feet up press-ups rapidly to improve your explosive strength or slowly to improve your resistance.

V-Sit: This is a perfect workout for your core/abs because it works all the muscles necessary to get that perfect stance for Parkour. Do these until you can v-sit no more!

Handstand push-ups: Handstands develop your upper body strength and your balance, with push-ups in the mix this workout is fit for a parkour god/goddess.

Sit-ups: Do this standard workout for core muscles training. If you have trouble stabilizing yourself on your own, place your feet under a couch to gain stability.

Stretch: Stretch out you arms, back, and legs. Don't forget to thank your body after a long work out, stretching is a great exercise after your at home parkour routine!



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