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North American Parkour Championships

This past weekend, ORIGINS Parkour & Athletic Facility hosted the North American Parkour Championships, a  huge event featuring the top athletes from all around North America.  Contestants competed in speed courses, skill rounds (including strength, technique, and precision challenges), and two-v-two style battles.

To make things even more interesting, the event was hosted live online on Livestream, so it could be viewed in real time by traceurs around the world.  Michael “Frosty”  Zernow’s commentary of the whole event kept it entertaining and exciting, and some of the amazing feats from the athletes involved are sure to go down in history.

If you missed out on the live feed, don’t feel bad- it’s not too late to watch it! The whole event can still be viewed online.  Be forewarned, the video is extremely long, but if you put it on as background entertainment or skim through it, you’ll be sure to catch some of the exciting moments that this event offered.

You can see the video by clicking this link. Grab the bucket of popcorn, sit back, and enjoy!


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