PKNY 2013 This Weekend!

Cancel your weekend plans, because you don't want to miss out one of NYC's biggest jams of the year. PKNY 2013 starts on Friday, June 21st, and will be running until Sunday June 23rd.  The full schedule has been posted on the Facebook Event Page, and has been copied below as well. Hope to see you there!


1 - Buy a 20$ metrocard BEFORE you arrive at the event so as to reduce waiting times for train--this should cover all your train travel for the weekend. Get it friday night. Don't be that guy

2 - If you get lost call--but please try to figure it out first. FYI The city is a grid. It isn't hard to navigate. 

Jesse 917.969.7473

Mike 347.610.1580

Caitlin 973.768.2915

3 - Here in NYC we have tried hard to build and maintain a good relationship with our city. We request that everyone Leaves No Trace and, if the situation arises, respects authority and allows group leaders to handle all situations.

8 PM
Short beginners workshop followed by an extended open gym at the Brooklyn Beast (www.bklynbeast.com). L Train Grand St. Stop.

There will be housing provided for out-of-towners ONLY.Out-of-town travellers are welcome to arrive anytime during the day at the gym or can meet up with any of our event hosts prior to time start, check out other spots around the city (highly encouraged), etc.

10 AM
Start-time at East River Amphitheater.

2-3 PM
Break for lunch

4 PM
At this point we will all split in to smaller groups to hit some of the other spots around NYC.:

-Group One will go to Tompkins Square Park (bars, bars, bars)
-Group Two will go to Scoops/Hamfish (plyos, vaults, etc)http://goo.gl/maps/4qEeD
-A third spot will be added if too many people to Brooklyn Museum (jumps, walls, vaults, stadium steps, etc). http://goo.gl/maps/tBvDS

Check them out on google maps if you want to make a more informed decision

7 PM
Head back to Bklyn Beast for an open gym session and Barbeque courtesy of Jesse, Mike, and The Movement Creative (www.themovementcreative.com).

Enjoy some free vitacoca!

10 AM
Everyone will meet at BETHESDA TERRACE (http://goo.gl/maps/Vphan) and then split in to two new groups

-Group One: Conditioning/training session led by Jesse Danger in the Ramble in Central Park
-Group Two: Training at Sanctuary in Riverside Park.

Groups will be responsible for finding lunch on their own (there are plenty of places, you'll be fine.) People can depart as they wish throughout the day

For those who are staying later or are local, we will be meeting for a sunset session at the Rings around 630 PM http://goo.gl/maps/uwfcc

If you are arriving early (Thursday) or staying late (sunday+monday) please reach out to the event hosts about acquiring housing.



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