National parkour champion from Lloydminster trying to share the love of sport

A 15-year-old boy tries to introduce parkour to Lloydminster's young people. The 15-year-old Canadian junior champion Eric Reinhart has long been involved in the art.

"I wanted to make parkour since I'm a child, but I've never had the opportunity until ... I encountered an Edmonton guy ... and he's just the greatest Parkour man, the bars, and he's extremely powerful, and he's just crazy" Reinhart said.


Parkour is an art in which you need to be as fast and creative as possible from point A to point B. Lessons went to Reinhart with a little obstacle. You had to do personal classes over the Internet since your teacher was in Lloydminster in Edmonton and Reinhart. Now he wants to assist Lloydminster to educate young people about the art he enjoys with what Reinhart has learned.

“It wasn't money ... it was more about, I love teaching, I just like it and so I was thinking "Why don't I give?’” Reinhart said.

“In Lloydminster, I think that not so many persons teach parkour, particularly not at age 15, there is nobody teaching parkour.”

Teaching parkour and self-learning may seem like a juggling act, but Reinhart is not worried.

"I'm trying to use it wisely (my time) ... and I don't yet have 18 so I don't need to get a complete job. It's the most time I have ever, so I try to use it wisely," said Reinhart.

Right now, not many parkour contests are taking place, but Reinhart plans to continue training for now.

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