iranian women doing parkour

Iranian Women and Parkour

While you may know that Iranian women live under unfair rules made by their government, what may be less common knowledge is that some of these women have taken up parkour as a physical activity despite these laws. In many parts of Iran you can see women in headscarves scaling walls and vaulting railings. Some are even talking on forums and sharing their own clips.

However, the adventurous women's movement is still not widely accepted among Iran's police force or even other male traceurs. While police seem to have no problem allowing males to have jams in parks and train openly, they continually hassle female practitioners. Male traceurs have questioned whether women should be practicing such an activity.

Although some oppose these women, others are supporting the movement. The more open men can be seen assisting female traceurs in flips and other tricks. Forum threads are blowing up and more women are participating and making videos. It's exciting to see the parkour scene continue to spread all over the world and to different backgrounds and cultures. We hope to see more from these inspiring women soon!

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