What is the Philosophy of Parkour?

Parkour is a non-competitive discipline that emphasizes the practitioner's ability to be powerful and flexible to be able to move through any specified setting rapidly and effectively so that they can respond in emergency circumstances. It's secure to say that Georges Hébert's motto is the motto for parkour. Parkour's reason is a non-competitive discipline and not a sport is the same reason for Hébert's discontent with his time's dominant style-oriented gymnastics practice. Being a very moral person and believing in altruism, Hébert believed he did not prepare his learners for the physical and moral difficulties of the true globe by remedying gymnastics exercises and their predominant focus on efficiency and competition.

He thought that one should not strive to be powerful merely by winning a medal or holding a trophy, but by being willing to use his / her abilities in moments of crisis and risk to be helpful. During his moment in the city of St. Pierre, afflicted by a volcanic eruption, his perspective was influenced by his bravery.

About 700 individuals were saved thanks to Hébert. From that time on his point of perspective was cemented that an athlete should not only be physically powerful, but also morally just, and should strive to use his or her abilities in altruistic ways instead of using them merely to glorify themselves. Parkour is a discipline and not a sport because there are no fixed limits, time limits or guidelines to follow. Teams or tournaments do not exist. The only thing given is a set list of movements that David Belle, Sebastien Foucan and the Yamakasi considered the most effective and safe.

These movements are instruments for the practitioner to use when crossing their workplace, and there will be times when the practitioner will have to switch to the Natural Method of Hébert to find the fastest way. While there is competition when practicing parkour against one's fears and the environment, competition against a fellow practitioner is discouraged, which is another important element of parkour that distinguishes it from most other sports.

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