What are the practical uses of Parkour?

Parkour has many practical uses and many of them may be evident, but some are not so obvious. Over the years of doing parkour, I'll tell you more about the practical uses of the parkour. Parkour will make you fitter for the first practical and likely more practicable use.


Yeah, parkour is a full-body workout all the time.

When you do parkour, you’ll be:

  • Jumping across gaps.
  • Vaulting over obstacles.
  • Climbing walls.
  • Running in between obstacles.
  • Rolling so you can land safely.

Doing all this stuff together is a complete workout for your body and that makes you fitter.

Another practical use of parkour is that you can use it to become a stuntman…

Parkour will teach you, of course, to be a stuntman. There are so many movies that people need to find scenes and parkour is the best training.

The third practical use of parkour is…

When you get into trouble with them, you can use Parkour to get away from safety. I wouldn't recommend you to do something that could make you have security problems.

But in the case that you somehow do get into trouble with the security you can use parkour to escape from them.

If you want to escape in urban environment, your Parkour practice is faster and faster than most security guards and parkours.


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