Parkour And NAPC Championship That Held In August

Have you ever seen a thrilling hunting scene in an action film? Maybe a policeman chases a suspect across the town streets. They weave in and out of the roads and streets, springing easily through barriers. Are these pursuits genuine? Or is film magic they're? While film chasing scenes may be screened closely, would you think there are individuals in true life who can do this? This is true! It is true!

Parkour is a non-competitive sport involving effective obstacle motion. Participants — called traceurs — move around, across or over the obstacles in the environment, such as city roads. From a training technique, Parkour evolved into a sport that graciously overcomes barriers within its journey by adjusting its motions to the setting. Parkour is as much art as it is sport, creativity, and vision as exercise and strength are important.

NAPC August Championship:

Kicking off the 2019 Sport Parkour League NAPC Season, the Eastern Parkour Championship is a Qualifier for the Origins Parkour Pro. There will be a YOUTH Division, ages 8-17 and an ADULT Men's and Women's Division.

Saturday, March 9 will be an SPL Formatted Youth Competition (Ages 6-16). This event will kick off at 9 am and athletes will be able to compete in Skill, Speed, or Style events. Sunday, March 10 will host the Adult Men's and Women's Divisions. Teen participants can choose to jump into either the Youth Comp or the Adult Division. If they choose to participate in the Adult Division, they have a chance to move onto the main event in Vancouver: The Origins Parkour Pro // North American Parkour Championship Final.

Participants in the Youth Comp will not be eligible to compete in Vancouver. The Adult Qualifier, Athletes will compete also in Speed, Skill, or Style. The top 3 of each case will be held in Vancouver, August 16-18 in the Origins Parkour Pro / North American Parkour Championship Final. There will be cash prizes for the top athletes.

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