NYParkour Looking for Writers

As much as we do enjoy searching for parkour news and writing up articles on all the latest, sometimes we do get a little bit swamped.  With a small team, it can be quite a bit of work making sure the site is up to date with all the newest information our users want to know.  That’s why we could use your help.  We’re looking for an aspiring writer or journalist with an interest in parkour who would be willing to write for us occasionally- no major commitment, just an article or two every week.  No degree necessary, just a talent for writing (including correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling).

 While we can’t offer payment at this time, this could be a great resume booster and we would be happy to give you a letter of recommendation.  Additionally, we can offer a discount to our Academy classes should you be interested in taking them.

 If you’re interested in contributing, please contact us at info@nyparkour.com.



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