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Sponsored Vid: Tempest Land Rover Ad

Familiar faces from Tempest Freerunning can be seen in Land Rover’s newest television ad, a beautiful mixture of classical music, synchronized movement, and slow motion shots.  Michael “Frosti” Zernow,  Jesse La Flair, Victor “Showtime” Lopez, and Shane Daniels pull off some incredibly smooth moves running, flipping, and vaulting through the forest in this unique commercial. 

 Unlike most commercials featuring parkour, this Land Rover ad takes place in a natural forest rather than in an urban city.  This, along with the slow motion, soft piano music, and amazing cinematography, draw more attention to the artistic nature of the movement rather than the idea of intensity and danger.  With so many misrepresentations in the media of parkour as a dangerous and reckless activity, it’s a relief to see one company focus instead on the natural beauty of the movement.

 We have seen parkour featured in plenty of car commercials in the past, but another distinguishing feature of this ad is that an actual car is never shown.  Straight from the beginning and right up until the last shot, 100% of the focus is on movement from the Tempest athletes.  In fact, there is no indication of what the ad is even for until the very end, when we see the Land Rover logo following the words “Roam Free”- words to live by, both for car owners and for traceurs.

 See the commercial below:


This article was written by Thomas and has been sponsored by Land Rover.  Visit their website here and find out more about Land Rover here.


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