Emirati Athletes Nike Campaign

These women are breaking barriers that need to be broken in the Middle East, The United Arab Emirate to be exact. Amal Murad, is hitting close to home with being a Parkour sportswoman, while Zahra Lari, does competitive figure skating in hopes of making it to the Olympics. Here's the short article and videos below.


Amanda Tomlinson

The inspirational stories of two Emirati sportswomen are being told by Nike through individual short films in an effort to encourage more women to get active and pursue their dreams.

The first Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari, who is aiming to qualify for the next winter Olympics, and the first female Emirati parkour trainer Amal Murad, feature in the films, which have been released in the lead-up to a "big Nike Women’s moment", which will be launched later this month in the Middle East.

In the women’s own words, the films tell how they broke through barriers – societal, mental and physical – to reach the levels they’re at today, with advice and encouragement for others who feel inspired to break through their own barriers.

"People should know that Emirati athletes are strong," says Lari. "We’re confident women who know what we want to do and we work very hard to accomplish what needs to be accomplished."



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