1st Poetry Submission

This marks the first in a series of poetry submissions on NYParkour. Each month, take a break from the hardcore training and read some amazing pieces of work from members in the community. Parkour inspired work is our favorite but we're open to all topics. Contact us if you're interested in seeing your own work on the site!

Beautiful Angel...

when I was alone,
when I saw everyone gone.
when I thought I can't live anymore,
I met a beautiful angel,
like I have never seen before...

Her one smile made it happen,
a dead heart started beating,
and a body so cold
now started heating.

Her one word said it all,
she is the one
for whom I am gonna fall.
And this is the fall that doesn't hurt,
instead it makes you feel special,
like a cherry on top of dessert.

The way she poured her love,
she must be a dove.
or maybe she is the angel,
who has come from heavens above.

Before I met her,
my life was nothing but blur.
And since I've seen face,
I've never felt so happy and amazed.

I wish I could live with you forever,
and for that love and affection and care,
I will leave you never.
I said what I felt with all my heart,
I hope you feel the same way,
cuz honestly from your love
now I can not live apart...

By Manpreet Singh

Manpreet Singh is 22 years old.

He's an engineer by profession and a poet by nature.


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