Dying Light 2 delays

The popular PK enhanced zombie game "Dying Light" inspired some cool Youtube videos from traceurs when it came out, and got fans from its game play & story line. However the squeal has been stuck in development for a while now, and now they've hit more delays as the art director and writer for the anticipated game have left the parent company. This is unfortunate as it pushes the planned summer release to December now, but hopefully they can get some talented people to replace them and meet expectations. Read more in the article below.

There is Nothing Permanent Except Change

Dying Light 2 is a hotly-anticipated upcoming zombie game, set apart from the rest of the shambling hordes by its focus on player choice and an ever-changing world that those choices can impact. Unfortunately, the game is also ever-changing behind the scenes: Techland cut ties with the game’s narrative designer after accusations of abuse and sexual harassment, COVID-19 led to indefinite delays, and now writer/art director Pawal Selinger has announced on his LinkedIn that he’s departing from the Polish studio after working with them for 22 years. Selinger said that he “would like to express my gratitude to the company that has allowed me to develop and fulfill myself for half of my life.” He also added his best wishes, stating that he hopes “Dying Light 2 and subsequent projects will become world hits. Good bye and good luck!”

We were hoping that Dying Light 2 would come out in 2021but this latest complication may impact its expected release date. Fingers crossed that Techland has a replacement lined up and their schedule doesn’t take too much of a hit. Reportedly, the game is almost complete, so maybe we’ll be lucky. Then again, Cyberpunk 2077 also claimed it was almost done, and we all know how that turned out.

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