Hubbable Jam 2013

Two Big Events Start Today!

This Saturday is a day of fun as two events occur within the parkour community. We're all excited to train and see some of our favorite athletes in action. From east to west, there's going to be non-stop action so don't miss it!


Tempest pro takeover

Over in California, the Tempest Pro Takeover event is just about to do exactly what its name implies. Traceurs from all over the world are coming out for this two-day event. Today there will be workshops for all ages and tomorrow there will be a five hour open jam session at the brand new Tempest Freerunning Academy South Bay. There will be a lot of great athletes out there doing what they do best. Here's the Facebook link for more information: Tempest Pro Takeover


Hubbable Jam


On the other side of the country we have another big event taking place. The Hubbable Jam is starting today in Boston, Massachusetts and it looks like it's going to be a good time. The Jam starts off today at some favorite spots and then later tonight there will be a gym session. As if that wasn't enough, tomorrow the Jam continues on and hits a few more spots. Check out all the info here: Hubbable 2014

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