Top 8 games featuring Parkour/Free Running

What is free running? What is parkour? Think of Akshay Kumar chasing Pepsi bottles and going through a dozen stores, where the owner would gladly give him some free bottles. I like parkouring / free running, but do that within some constraints. It's the art of free running. Health criteria and social standards. It is extremely irresponsible to walk freely across rooftops, and it is likely that local guards will be on the lines. I was desperately tented to Parkour around shopping centers in the open air. But it will quickly turn into a fight against the mall guards, who are not the most skilled.Fact is, you can’t run around without eliciting one or multiple of these responses from passers-by:


- Hark! There goes a thief.
- Call the zoo, a monkey escaped.
- Call the hospital, delusional patient escaped.
- Delhi monkey man is here!

That’s where video games come in. They let me indulge my love for free running and pick up a couple of pointers to implement when I do it for real. Here are 7 games with Parkour/Free running in them:

Prince of Persia
Ninja Gaiden
Assassin’s Creed Series
Batman:Arkham City
Spider Man: Web of Shadows
Mirror’s Edge
Free Running

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