The AirTrick Mat and Damien Walters

There's a new toy on the Block guys, and it looks like fun.

AirTrack factory has released a new video featuring Damien Walters and his friends giving their AirTrack Mat a good workout.  Though the Company has been around making inflatable products for gymnasts for over 12 years, they've recently shifted their marketing to include us humble traceurs and neighboring trickers. The result is this cool video and a desire to play on one myself.

While The Company is based in the Netherlands, they do ship to the U.S., if your interested in purchasing one. We imagine it costs a pretty penny since there's no prices listed, but they do have a variety of products to chose from, and all of them are customize-able dependent on your weight and skill level . For more info including how to get pricing info you can visit The AirTrack Factory website and check out the video bellow.


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