Prince of Persia S.o.T. Remake joins the Delay train.

The Prince of Persia team just recently announced that their pushing back their release of the Prince of Persia Sands of Time remake to..... well they didn't say. A date should come around soon though right? Also another good question, why? There're promoting it as the highly awaited remake of a classic, but why remake a classic? Wouldn't it have been better to make a new & better game? Prince of Persia hasn't had a worthy outing in a while, I'm sure during lockdown times many would have been excited to give fitting successor a try. The other popular parkour themed game Assassins Creed has so many sequels to keep track of, but they're (mostly) good and they get the job done. They are also all different while retaining the elements that make Assassins Creed badass.

My next point, why does it look so bad? Is the trailer just a first stage rendering? because gaming animation is a lot farther then this now, and if your going to remake a classic, give it the latest bells and whistles, not bells and whistles form four year ago. Just our thoughts, although I'm sure what ever they release will be appreciated during this time of "limited options." At the very least it'll be better then the Prince of Persia movie that came out years ago. Many in the community are still trying to forget that.


Here's the trailer for the remake:


And here is one for the Jake Gyllenhaal film. (I never knew Jake was Persian.......)



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