Parkour's newest Influence?

Traceur's have been training with the dogs for a while now with some of the dogs going on to be better then some Human practitioners. But the mushing community in Europe has gone a step farther by organizing events and naming the endeavor Canicross.  The article below has more info,

And here's to the birth of Canikour,  (if it takes off you saw it here first).

Canicross: The people who run races with their dogs

Some people run. Some people have dogs. Some people like to combine the two.

Canicross is a kind of cross-country running with dogs. Runners attach themselves via a harness and bungee-cord to their canine friends - and then race.

As well as the exercise element - owners seem to enjoy the bonding it creates with their animals.

More on Canicross via The BBC


And if you've got a Dog that you think would be good at parkour check these guys out for more info,

The International Dog Parkour Association. (yes, this is a real thing!)

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