Parkour O.G. creates Cryptocurrency

One of Austria's first and most prominent traceurs, Andreas Kalteis, is launching a new Cryptocurrency this year with his friends from Novem. The goal is to make it the safest cryptocurrency in the world, and there doing that by backing it with gold, read on to learn more.

There’s nothing like dangling from a building to draw attention to yourself, and 32-year-old Andreas Kalteis knows a thing or two about defying gravity. In his heyday, he was one of Austria’s pioneering free-runners, those people that threw themselves off buildings for fun. Today, however, he’s hung up his running shoes and is attempting to defy gravity in a different way–by launching an ICO in 2019.

Kalteis and three others at Novem–a company billing itself as “the safest gold cryptocurrency token in the world”–are building a stablecoin called 999.9, which is backed by an underlying asset: gold. By having actual gold reserves under lock and key, the token price should stay “pegged” to the price of gold, which all sounds very sensible. What doesn’t sound sensible is that Kalteis and his team are betting that their upcoming ICO in April is the best way to raise funds for their gilded coin.

“We’re too late for the hype but still early in the game,” Kalteis told Decrypt, adding, “During the ICO phase there was no regulation and a real business like ours couldn’t have done much without any. When regulation comes and works, really sustainable businesses can be built.”

It's always nice to see OG traceurs segway into arena's after retiring from professional parkour, but he'll always be well known member of the community.

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