Parkour from a beginners perspective

            Many people think that parkour is dangerous, but others do not agree with it. So what is it? Real danger or the ability to control your body? To practice parkour is not only to have fun, but also a needed skill in life.

            However, you might be a person who has never heard of parkour before. Well in this case, get ready to sponge the knowledge. Parkour is a method of physical training that uses obstacles as improvement of movements, to escape or to run down someone. Besides, for some people parkour became a lifestyle and philosophy. Parkour may include running, jumping, climbing, rolling, swinging and so on. You lose nothing if you try once, but if you like it and want to continue, that may be one of the useful skills in your quiver of abilities. Why should one try parkour and why can it be hurtful?



  • parkour multiplies confidence: you learn something new and learn the possibilities of your body. If you can do parkour, you can do so much more; you may try something you never thought you would: to jump with a parachute, to cross a frozen river and the main thing – see no obstacles in your way;

  • this training method is good for those who are eager to control the body, to overcome fears and to improve physical skills;

  • as well as dancing, painting, singing, parkour is another way to express yourself. In other words, you are free to be creative, to invent new movements, to create new ways to get over obstacles. Moreover, it goes without saying, if you overcome real obstacles, you can easily handle troubles and reach the goals.




  • learning the art of parkour may take a lot of time and energy. At the beginning, you may think you don’t have enough both of them; nevertheless, that is how you may find out if you really want to practice parkour. To learn how to run obstacles is not easy, but it demands aspiration, will and courage to try again and again;

  • the possibility of injury is very high, so take into account your body structure and don’t try to do more than you physically can. Pursuance is very good quality, nonetheless, to have a serious injury at an early age has its consequences. Besides, injury is not the worse that may happen, so think wisely and consider your limits;

  • There are risks in any discipline, parkour in particular includes control, which means you won’t get into trouble, if you don’t sign for it.


            Perception in parkour leads to progress and later on to success; control of the body’s speed, strength and flexibility. To learn this modern and beautiful art, one can have series of lessons and even to have a certificate as a parkour practitioner. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, despite  that, taking into consideration, you make the choice, and you feel if you like parkour or not. Never try, never know, so at least try.

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