NYParkour Official Returning Back 2020

Dear readers/Traceur's

As New York State prepares for phase 4, we are excited to continue supporting our local parkour group at NYParkour again.

Will scale up our programs gradually beginning with our simple Sunday parkour lessons. The first class will be rain-dependent this coming Sunday 23 August at 3 pm. Please update the tab, as if the class is canceled as scheduled by 12:30 p.m. On Sunday. On Sunday.

As far as private classes and group sessions are concerned, requests for the first sessions to begin in September will begin on 24 August.

Our site staff is also back in action to allow you to expect two new updates on the newest things that happen in the park or the world this September on a regular basis.

We missed the culture and look forward to returning to form all this fall.

Thank you and see you early

The NYParkour Team.


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