Meet TreT, Canine Traceur

Yes really, he's a fellow practicer, human or not. Clearly, he's not like other dogs, Staffordshire bull terrier TreT is a parkour pro who enjoys running up walls and jumping over large objects. As a matter of fact, his owner Elchaninov Eugene has even created a DVD on how to train your dog to become a traceur/traceuse. According to Mr. Eugene, dogs can be taught how to become dexterous and adventurous and highlights the following points as to why you should train your dog as such:

You are going to be outdoors on the fresh air more often.

You will start going for a walk with your own dog with great pleasure!

You will be very very proud of yourself as well as of your dog!

You dog will start trusting you more!

Your dog is going to understand you in a half-word!

Both you and your dog will get a new and very interesting hobby!

But back to Mr. TreT, canine superhero and traceur.

In the following video he's captured on camera in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

Watch him run alongside the wall of a house before landing on the concrete post built around a streetlight.


Maybe next time, bring your dog along during practice.


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