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Introducing: NY Spots Series

NYParkour is happy to release the first video in a series featuring some of New York’s favorite parkour Hotspots. Our goal is to share these amazing training spots with visitors, beginners, and even veteran NY traceurs and demonstrate some of the potential that they hold.  If you’re looking for new places to train or want inspiration to try new things, we hope that skimming through our NY Spots playlist will help give you inspiration. Visiting New York for a week? Take a look at our playlist and see what spot looks fun to you.

 The first spot featured in our video is Fordham University, a quiet and hidden spot near Columbus circle that is ideal for some light training.  Fordham has some great creative potential and has strides/ precisions for practitioners of varying experience.

 Our goal is to release one new NY Spot video every other week.  What spot would you like to see featured next? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Thomas


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