How the daredevil sport of parkour can help ageing adults fall better

This seems as if a ninja movie is something. The extreme sport called parkour includes high hurdles jumps from the roof to the tower and bumps practically off the walls.

That means moving fast, leaping, breaking or climbing over obstacles through an environment Parkour is not for the weakness of the heart, also known as freerunning. But, with a few changes, it might just be the risk of falling for older people.


The foundations of parkour involve balance and knowledge of how to stop a fall safely. Austin Gall, who teaches beginners ' parking at Aerial Warehouse in Culver City (California), said, "A lot we first focus on is a balance "It's only possible to balance along the rail without sliding off or simply by jumping tiny distances."

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths of people over 65 years of age in the US according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Moreover, a non-fatal decrease can have tremendous effects on life quality. Kathy Cameron, director of the National Drop Prevention Resource Center, said "Older adults that are falling often sustain an injury About 20 percent of those falling suffer an injury such as traumatic brain injury and hip fracture.

However, it's not only the physical injuries that cause such harm. Many older people avoid physical activity owing to a fear of falling. Unfortunately, this could lead to higher chances to decrease.

"There is one of the main ways to prevent falls from physical activity," Cameron said "Programs of exercise that strengthen balance and enhance strength will increase our gait to improve and balance. Gall said that there is a specific step that can benefit people in particular who are prone to falls in addition to working on balance.

"To be able to get down into a roll to stop the fall I think that the most important thing is," he said

A fall of parkour is like falling martial arts. The entity falls from one shoulder to the other hip as it hits the ground. That sort of roll, done correctly, decreases the total force of a drop by extending the effect across the body. Ailing adults may learn not only to recover from falling but also to avoid injury, using an experienced Parkour coach. "I'm excited to see how Parkour can develop with older adults over the next few years," he said.

"I feel there are essential components of reducing fall risks, "I think

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