Freerunning Around The World

Does a traceur in NYC train the same way as a traceur in Costa Rica? It can't be so! I imagine traceurs in tropical islands using vines to swing back in forth a la Tarzan and practicing somersaults while surfing on a tidal wave in ways only a true islander can. But we're islanders too (Go Manhattan!) and certainly don't have the luxury of nearby vines, well maybe only on Brownstones and those don't help us.  And maybe i'm being too imaginative all together but here's the fact:  traceurs make use of their environment. So how a freerunner trains in rural Ohio will be different than how she trains in jam-packed Rio de Janeiro. Here are some videos of Ryan Doyle practicing freerunning around the world:

What's your favorite international freerunning video? Comment below and spread the awesome!

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