Demon's Intermediate 10!

Looking for some new basic exercises to do to help advance your PK?  Colorado's very own Ryan Ford, or "Demon," has come up with a great compilation of exercises one can do on their own time to up their game. I myself have been doing many of them for years, but there's always something new to learn, and the special ones that caught my eye are the GHR's. I'm excited to get out and give these bad boys a try this week. My long time favorite of this list is......#1 Depth Jumps, I used to give these to almost all of my private clients when I first started instructing as well as myself, a true oldie but a goodie.

Demon's Intermediate 10 Bodyweight Exercises  

Note these workouts are listed as being for intermediates so use your discretion when trying them out. Next week we'll highlight Demon's exercise list for beginners, as I'm sure those of you just starting out will be very interested in those.

Written by Exo



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