David Belle in Red Bull Magazine

In this months World Cup heavy edition of Red Bulls monthly magazine, the Red Bulletin has an interesting article on Parkour's premiere co-founder. The article, written by Alex Lisetz, lets us know that Belle's back in shape, (good news compared to the rumors of his condition Pre-Brick Mansions) and is still excited about Parkour and its future. In the article Belle states,

“Parkour’s potential has barely been tapped,” he says, “because anyone, anywhere, can learn it and they don’t need any equipment.”

The article tells a bit more truth then past articles have. Actually mentioning the other 8 members of the famed Yamakasi Crew that created the art together, and even including the word Yamakasi"s language origins. (it's Lingala by the way, not French)

It's a good read and a portion of it can be found via this Red Bulletin link

For the whole article though you'll need to either order it, or do some online digging. (it's not to hard to find)

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