Damian Walter's Leap of Faith Video

As a traceur, if you weren't looking forward to the upcoming Assassin's creed movie with Michael Fassbender before, you most likely will be after this clip. With the ever increasing world of bad CGI trying to replace humans and alienating audiences to their doom, (such as the new Ninja Turtles, and not so Amazing Spiderman) the filmmakers of Assassins Creed have decided instead, & wisely I might add, to turn to one of us. Tricker/Traceur/stuntman and all around bad ass Damian Walters was brought in to double Fassbender and recreate the Iconic leap of faith.... for real...... like the whole thing.

Now honestly, I was thinking they were just gonna film Walters falling from like 50 feet or so and superimpose the thing or stretch it out with slo-mo, but they instead decided they'd let him drop the entire 125 feet into an airbag. And I was like what! For those who've never jumped into an airbag before on a Major Motion film set, its seems easy enough....until you have to do it. And although that bag will comfort your landing if you do it properly, there's still technique and skill involved, especially with the jump he's doing, as breaking something is a very real concern. Nevertheless, Walters executes one of the highest freefalls performed by a stuntman in 35 years with style and brings us in on the process of it . View the journey bellow:

Here's to hoping it doesn't become another Prince of Persia (because that film was a letdown).


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